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Climate Explainers

Overviews of climate change science, solutions, and related topics, written by scientists and experts.

Ask MIT Climate

MIT faculty and scientists provide answers to questions about how our planet is changing, how that will impact life on earth and what we can do about it!

TILclimate Podcast

Today I Learned: Climate is an award-winning podcast that breaks down the science, technologies and policies behind climate change. Each episode is quick and addresses the what, why and how on climate change.



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Visit these resources from MIT to continue building your knowledge around climate change and sustainability

MIT's Climate Primer

Dr. Kerry Emmanuel, professor of atmospheric science MIT, along with an interdisciplinary team from across the university has created a Webby Award-winning interactive site that addresses the most important lines of evidence for human-caused climate change. The site addresses areas of Climate Science, Climate Change, Risks, and Solutions.

A quick look about how Earth's climate is changing faster today than ever before, from the MIT Climate Portal.

What We Know About Climate Change

What Can Be Done About Climate Change

A quick reminder that it is not too late to take action on climate change, from the MIT Climate Portal.

Use the EN-ROADS online simulator from Climate Interactive and MIT SLOAN'S Sustainability Initiative to identify how different variables affect others.



Browse and enroll in courses offered by EdX on climate change and sustainability, offered by MIT and other EdX affiliate institutions.