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Assignment 5 Building Technology Laboratory

The goal of this assignment, the first phase of the lab project that focuses on airflows and building ventilation, is to design, construct in model form, and test an enclosure (partial or full) for a typical balcony for a Chinese apartment. The motivation for this work is to propose feasible designs for Chinese residential buildings that are thermally comfortable and use a minimal amount of energy.

Modeling/Simulation Experiential Learning Architecture SDG 11 - Sustainable Cities & Communities
Homework 4 Transport Processes in the Environment

Problem set for the course Transport Processes in the Environment.

Modeling/Simulation, Problem Set Other Environmental Transport Processes SDG 15 - Life on Land
Public Participation and Group Decision-Making Introduction to Environmental Policy and Planning

There is an ongoing debate between political philosophers and dispute resolution professionals regarding the most appropriate means of conceptualizing the public interest (with regards to the use of natural resources or patterns of urban development). The philosophers believe "deliberative polling" that provides a snapshot of what the "average citizen" prefers should be sufficient for elected officials to determine what actions to take in the public interest. Dispute resolution professionals argue the public interest can best be understood as the product of a consensus building dialogue among contending interests (not individuals) and that public officials armed with polling data can never know or produce on their own the public interest.

Paper Other Urban Studies SDG 11 - Sustainable Cities & Communities
Visual and Thermal Comfort (Assignment 3) Environmental Technologies in Buildings

The objectives of this assignment are for you to develop a feeling for indoor environmental variables that have an impact on thermal comfort and to compare your personal sensation to comfort predictions based on thermal and lighting standards. The assignment is split into two components:  

  • Task A: Using a data logger, measure “your life” on a psychrometric chart over a couple of days.  
  • Task B: Measure indoor environmental conditions in two spaces that you find comfortable and uncomfortable and compare your assessments to that of current thermal comfort standards. 


Lab Experiential Learning Architecture SDG 11 - Sustainable Cities & Communities
Book Group D-Lab II: Design

The four books that comprise Reading Assignment #7 are divided among four groups of students

  • Small is Beautiful
  • Gaviotas
  • Cradle to Cradle
  • Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid
Paper Other Design SDG 15 - Life on Land
CI Reports Exploring Sea, Space, & Earth: Fundamentals of Engineering Design

Both of these reports should be well-structured, with introductions, body and conclusions. 

  • Review of a current (major) engineering challenge and why it’s important to society today. Stories taken from current news and events, and popular magazines (Popular Science, Science, Nature, Scientific American, New Scientist, Time, US News and World Reports, etc) related to major engineering challenges facing society today. 
  • Ethics position paper (PDF). This position paper will convey your personal opinion relating to the ethical dilemma presented in an assigned reading. You will not be graded on your opinion, but how you convince the reader that your opinion is valid and should be considered. This should be approximately 2 pages
Paper Inquiry-Based Learning Engineering SDG 9 - Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure
Course Project The Sustainability Response to COVID-19

The course is designed around collaborations focused on specific student deliverables. My intention is to create student “teams” among class members who will collaborate on specific short-term activities that will build on ongoing research and inform the ultimate class output, a response to the Draft Interim CECP, including (1) a meta-analysis of recent surveys of current, former, and potential transit riders, geared toward understanding attitudes toward personal mobility and transit specifically, and how they may have evolved, and (2) a similar analysis of global “best practices” in connection with transit operations designed to ensure public health and rider confidence. This will require review of relevant material (which will be included in the readings) and additional (reasonably modest) research to identify gaps, new material, and insights that combine to synthesize extant research and surveys relevant to the course purpose.


Written Report Service Learning Transportation SDG 11 - Sustainable Cities & Communities
What Does It Mean to Write About Science for the Public Science Communication: A Practical Guide

The readings for this session are two different accounts on the discovery of the structure of DNA. When reading them, take into account the discussion we will have comparing and contrasting both what they say and their ways of saying it.

Paper Other Communication SDG 9 - Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure
Problem Set 0 D-Lab: Energy

Using the given LED (3.6V, 20mA) and 9V battery provided in class, a resistor of your choosing, and found materials, construct a lantern. The lantern should be able to turn on and off.

Lab Experiential Learning Energy SDG 7 - Affordable & Clean Energy
Final Exam Introduction to Environmental Policy and Planning

You will need to write three short essays for the final:

  • Choose any three questions from the options below.
  • Your responses should be approximately 500 words. Do not exceed 800 words for any answer. Include your word count below each response.
  • Please include your name at the top of the document and the question number next to each response.


Exam Other Urban Studies SDG 11 - Sustainable Cities & Communities