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Methane Leaks Hackathon Climate Action Hands-On: Harnessing Science with Communities to Cut Carbon

Objective: Participants get practical background on methane leaks, and initial hands-on experience with the tools for detecting leaks, measuring the volume of gas released from a leak, and tracking and visualizing leaks.


Hackathon Experiential Learning Communities SDG 15 - Life on Land
Labs Exploring Sea, Space, & Earth: Fundamentals of Engineering Design

A list of labs and their associated directions for the course Exploring Sea, Space & Earth: Fundamentals of Engineering Design

Lab Experiential Learning Engineering SDG 9 - Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure
Lab 8: Dissolution of the Gypsum and the Laminar Sub-Layer Transport Processes in the Environment

You will use two methods to estimate the laminar sub-layer thickness in the laboratory flume. The first method is based on the observed dissolution rate of Gypsum bars, and is described below. 


Lab Experiential Learning Environmental Transport Processes SDG 15 - Life on Land
Homework 1 Transport Processes in the Environment

Problem set for the course Transport Processes in the Environment.

Problem Set Other Environmental Transport Processes SDG 15 - Life on Land
Exercise 2: Rock Structure and Deformation Introduction to Geology

This exercise is aimed at giving you some practical experience with rock structures and how they appear on the earth’s surface as well as in cross section. 

Modeling/Simulation Other Geology SDG 15 - Life on Land
Problem Set 7 Energy Economics

Problem set from the course Energy Economics

Problem Set Other Economics SDG 8 - Decent Work & Economic Growth
Take-Home Exam 2 Introduction to Sustainable Energy

This is a take-home quiz. You may use any class notes, texts, or other reliable sources that you wish, but be sure to cite any sources you use. State all assumptions made.

Exam Other Energy SDG 7 - Affordable & Clean Energy
Daylight Availability Study (Assignment 5) Environmental Technologies in Buildings

In this assignment you will start working in groups on your final course project which is the development of an environmental design concept for an about 3500m2 innovation/startup space located in either Chicago, Houston or Seattle, depending on which city you previously signed up for. Your building should accommodate work spaces for around 250 workers, a reception area, lavatory, two seminar rooms and a cafe (optional). It is up to you to define the final program. You may pick any available site within your city and should also consider external factors such as a site’s walkscore etc. Remember to include neighboring buildings in your shading and daylighting analysis. The goal of this first assignment is to develop and evaluate a series of massing options and façade designs that you will then further refine in future assignments.

Modeling/Simulation Experiential Learning Architecture SDG 11 - Sustainable Cities & Communities
Laboratory Materials in Human Experience

Part of the exploration of the materials and engineering aspects of each case study will be accomplished through hands-on laboratory experience with the materials in question: glass, copper and its alloys, and rubber.

Lab Report or Lab Manual Experiential Learning Material Science SDG 15 - Life on Land
GFDIX: Slope of a Frontal Surface Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate Dynamics

Demonstration for the course Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate Dynamics

Demonstration Other Fluid Dynamics SDG 15 - Life on Land