The Sustainability and Climate Change Across Learning Environments (SCALES) project's goal is to support instructors of secondary and postsecondary students as they work to infuse sustainability and climate change into their lessons. 

In the literature, instructors shared hesitancy to include sustainability and climate change topics in their classroom for a number of reasons, including but not limited to: 

  • a need for climate and sustainability explainers to bolster their own knowledge of climate and sustainability topics; 
  • need for access to lessons and activities that already support sustainability and climate change topics; 
  • pedagogical support to transition to more active, participatory learning experiences for students. 


In working to address these concerns, the SCALES website was developed with three distinct regions to support instructors: 

  • Climate and Sustainability Explainers - Leveraging the Climate Portal at MIT, the resources in the Climate Explainers section allow instructors to build their own knowledge about climate change and sustainability topics, ultimately strengthening their own climate and sustainability knowledge;
  • Lesson & Activity Database - The Lessons and Activity Database utilizes the wealth of open lessons and activities within MIT to provide searchable access to hundreds of existing lessons & activities on climate and sustainability that, with small modifications, can be tailored for students in upper secondary education and postsecondary education, and 
  • Pedagogical Practice Explainers - Providing pedagogical support in sustainable instructional techniques, the Pedagogical Explainers work to support instructors in moving their instruction to more active, student-centered approaches. 

Each part of the SCALES website also contains additional resources and materials that instructors will find helpful and useful as they work to infuse their existing courses with sustainabliity and climate change.